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Arte Films has acquired the rights to novels by Florida Author Linn Random, who has achieved top reviews for her novels. Her name is linked to spine tingling suspense, action packed excitement and characters that sparkle with intensity and emotion. The novels offer a diversity of film projects from strong suspense and psychological thrillers to romantic comedy. 


On the run from drug traffickers, U.S. Marshals and the FBI, Haley Rollins assumes her twin sister's identity. Her only hope is a modern day Pirate, but can she trust him with her secret... or her heart? (crime, thriller, mystery, romance)





On location, Sage MaCall is head of security for a popular Reality TV show, but murder is not part of the script. Sage and handsome Police Chief Jon Maddux must unmask a killer before being consumed by their own desires. (crime, mystery, drama, romance)




Beautiful psychic Devin O'Shea must fight both a poltergeist and a handsome non-believer if she is to help the trapped spirit of a 1920's Flapper.  From poltergeists to reverents, theaters in time to prankish spirits, this laugh out loud comedy is filled with terrifying moments all neatly packaged in a hauntingly beautiful romance. (supernatural, comedy, mystery, romance)




Combine one hair brain undercover assignment with two bungling kidnappers and the most eligible bachelor in town. It's a recipe for disaster for pretty Private Investigator Shelby MacGregor, who always gets her man. (comedy, mystery, romance)  (Ecataromance Reviewers Choice Award 2005)



In the Louisiana Bayou Country, Investigative Reporter Jet Williams researches the resurgence of Voodoo, while ruggedly handsome Police Chief Brent Broussard goes after a killer. Each has their private agenda in unmasking a terrifying cult, but are unaware that they have become the next targets. (psychological thriller, mystery, romance)



To escape the glitz and crime in LA, beautiful Mallory McCall has moved to Northern California to write a screenplay and work with her K-9 Search and Rescue Team.  Usually searches are for missing hikers and lost hunters, until one of her dogs finds a graveyard left by a serial killer. (crime, mystery, drama)

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