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Script by Jim Amatulli 
Story by Oscar Jarnicki


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A successful, middle-aged businessman goes to his 25th high school reunion without his wife, and finds his teenage band still together and playing. He joins them for a set and is pushed to reunite for a few gigs.

He and his daughter have a good relationship, and she is aware of some tension between her parents.

His real estate development business is going through a rough period, and when a gig at a river bar is successful, George considers a return to music.

When the band is booked as a last minute replacement to open for a reunion tour stop, the promoter wants them to join the tour. The crowd loves them and one woman is particularly friendly.

Conflicts with one band guy's drug issues, and continual problems in his business present roadblocks. His wife's accusations add further problems.

The tour opportunity forces George to make the tough decision to pursue his teenage dream of being in a rock & roll band, knowing that his marriage, family and business are at risk.



Billy Ray Cyrus - (Hannah Montana; Doc; Mullhuland Drive)
Heather Locklear - (The Perfect Man, Uptown Girls, Spin City)

Olesya Rulin - (High School Musical I & II)

Patricia Neal - (Oscar winning legend)

Robert Gossett - (The Closer, Arlington Road)

Eric Allan Kramer - (American Pie II, The Hughleys)

David Zayas -(Dexter, Michael Clayton,16 Blocks)

Myk Watford - (No Country for Old Men, Beer for My Horses)

Ted Hutton - (Artworks)




Jim Amatulli - Producer, Director, Writer

Eric Abrahamson - Producer

Jonathan McHugh - Music Supervisor, Producer

Christine Sheaks - Casting Director

Christopher Chomyn - Director of Photography

Howard Heard - Editor

Sanford Hampton - Liine Producer

Richard McGuire - Production Designer

Oscar Jarnicki - Executive Producer

Jack E. Brown - Executive Producer

Steven C. Beer, Esq., Greenberg Traurig, NY, producer's rep, legal

Geoff Levin - Music Composer



Artist View Entertainment  (world)

Lifetime Movie Network- Premiere, April 2009

20 th Century Fox Worldwide- 2009


Worlfest Houston

42nd WorldFest Houston Int'l Film Festival
Opening Night Film April 17 2009 7PM CT  (for info- )
Patricia Neal- Lifetime Achievement Award
Jim Amatulli- Gold Remi Award Drama

Beverly Hills Film Festival

9th International Beverly Hills Film Festival
Official Selection, April 2 2009  6:00 PM PT (for info )



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