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Life After
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Script by Jim Amatulli & Daniel Smith

Log Line-  A landscape architect takes the job of caretaker of a neglected cemetery, moves his family into the house on the grounds, and considers “life” as a Spirit guides him along a dangerous path to a hidden treasure.



Synopsis- Len, a landscape architect, takes the job of caretaker of a run-down, urban cemetery, once a botanical showcase, but to make it work financially, he convinces his wife and teenage daughter to move into a house on the grounds.

Len is guided by a “departed spirit” who needs to be freed to "move on to whatever is next".  Unknown to Len, his wife and daughter also connect with spirits.

Unexpected budget issues force them to look for ways to meet the overwhelming challenges of bringing the grounds “back to life”.

The surly groundskeeper is secretly searching in the chapel for legendary hidden cache of “jewels”, while the spirit guides Len to the same “treasure”. But the chapel has a dark history and proves dangerous to everyone.

In the end, Len and his wife take a surprising path to get what they need, and along the way, consider the inevitable end we all face, why we’re here… and what lies beyond.





Script, Budget, Breakdown and Production Schedule- Completed 

Lead Casting- attachments in process

Location Scouting- in process

Key Production Personnel- committed   

Final Developmet & Casting: 30 days

Pre-production: 3 months

Production: 25 days

Post-production: 3 months

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