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written by Jim Amatulli
story by Ted Hutton & Gennaro
(suspense, thriller, mystery) 

The death of the CEO of an insurance firm sets off a series of events connected to Etruscan artifacts in The Cincinnati Art Museum.  Flashbacks follow the artifacts from their creation millennia ago, through various hands over more recent decades.

Two brothers, office liquidators, buy the firm’s furniture when they move to new offices. In the late CEO's desk, they find documents, in Italian, hidden in a secret panel. The brothers are unaware of their importance, even after they get them translated. 

For many years, the museum's curator has been paying extortion money to the late CEO to keep these very documents, the true provenance to the Etruscan pieces, hidden. But panic sets in as his legacy becomes threatened. Is he finally free? Does anyone else know? Where is the provenance?      

In Rome, the Italian Ministry of Art & Antiquities has been conducting a worldwide search for looted art and artifacts- from the tombaroli to art dealers to collectors to museums. The minister, along with her assistant, travels to the US to meet with museum curators.

Break-ins, murder and personal threats convince the brothers that the papers are important, and they are forced to take action. But not everyone is who they seem. Relationships become intertwined and dangerous.  The parties’ conflicting agendas culminate in an explosive, deadly confrontation between everyone in the museum’s Great Hall.                         

WERNER'S TURN                                                                                 written by Jim Amatulli & Brien Master                                                       (True Life Story, crime, drama, thriller, action) 

Henry "Chip” Werner, a classic urban cop, joins the Massachusetts State Police in the 1970’s, and goes undercover focusing on bookmaking, loan sharking and organized crime. He is very good at his job. And he thrives on the gambling, the partying, and the risks. But the lifestyle leads to an alcohol problem that eventually destroys his family. 

Chip continues his undercover work that leads to 42 indictments, but his life takes a terrible turn when he is convicted of the theft of coke from an evidence room.  Expecting the support of the local DA and his superiors, Chip is shocked when he is convicted of stealing 1 ounce of cocaine from the evidence room. Chip receives the toughest sentence, comparable to cases with significantly larger quantities of drugs. The focus on his case by authorities suggests that this was a set up, possibly influenced by Bulger. 

Awaiting an appeal, Werner is so seriously injured in a car crash that his sentence is suspended, but his conviction stands, but he loses his job, benefits and retirement. His drinking increases and he refuses help, living in a shack and doing odd jobs. Chip’s story could end a tragedy, but his children intervene and get him into rehab where he succeeds in recovering. Today, he works at the facility that probably saved his life.

Chip maintains his innocence to this day, but “accepts the blame for everything”, and asks for nothing. But there is reason to beli was framed, and it points to the authorities he reported to, and ironically,  “Whitey” Bulger, who was captured after 16 years on the run, may be his last chance for justice.

written by Domenic Silipo
(crime, drama) 

A small time mob boss' son dies mysteriously on the Brooklyn Bridge and, since
his younger  son joined the police force, he selects his consiglieri
to lead the family. Another family member's concerns about the
decision sets in motion a series of conflicts as they vie for
control. The new boss has a loyal "crew" who watches his back, but
much bigger problems lie within these very relationships that he
thought he could always count on.

written by Daniel Smith

A successful journalist gets caught up in a passionate romantic triangle between two attractive, compelling women (one his opposite, the other his
mirror image).  The story speaks to all of us who have been both
confused and uplifted by the mysteries of love.

written by Daniel Smith
(true life crime thriller)

A young coed discovers through an intimate conversation from the man she’s fallen in love with that he is a murderer—and that confession is the only
evidence in an otherwise perfect crime. Working with the police, her
life is threatened by his wealthy family and she goes into a witness
protection program. He is convicted and sent to jail, but once end
of his term is near, she is informed by police that she is again
targeted for revenge by her former lover.

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