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Werner’s Turn
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A feature film based on a true story

Crime, suspense, thriller, action, drama


Written by Jim Amatulli & Brien Master

Director, Jim Amatulli – DGA


Log Line-

An undercover Massachusetts State Policeman finds himself accused of internal crimes by law enforcement authorities, after his informant is murdered by the mob.





Henry “Chip” Werner, a classic urban cop, joins the Massachusetts State Police in the 1970’s, and goes undercover focusing on bookmaking, loan sharking and organized crime. He is very good at his job. And he thrives on the gambling, the partying, and the risks. But the lifestyle leads to an alcohol problem that eventually destroys his family.


Werner’s Turn  Synopsis

Chip’s informant, Eddie McGlynn is in a hitman in the Boston crime gang headed by Denny Logan (based on Whitey Bulger), who is an informant to FBI agent John Dugan.  McGlynn is murdered before he can testify against Logan.



Continuing his undercover work, Chip files 42 indictments, all Logan's bookies, but his life takes a terrible turn when he is arrested for the evidence theft – 2 lbs. of cocaine.


Arte Films Weners Turn Movie

Maintaining his innocence and , expecting the support of the DA Martin Hennegan, Chip is shocked when he is convicted of stealing less than 1 ounce of cocaine from the evidence room. He receives the toughest sentence, comparable to cases with significantly larger quantities of drugs. 


The focus on his case by authorities suggests that this was a set up, influenced by Logan, who skipped town after being tipped off that he would be indicted. 

Awaiting an appeal, Werner is so seriously injured in a car crash that  his sentence is suspended, but 

His drinking increases and he refuses help, living in a cottage and doing odd jobs. Chip’s story could end a tragedy, but his children intervene and get him into rehab where he succeeds in recovering. He works at the facility that probably saved his life.his conviction stands, and he loses his job, benefits and retirement.


Chip “accepts the blame for everything” that happened in hislife, and a sks for nothing. But the evidence indicates that he was framed by the legal system he was committed to. Finally, Werners name may be cleared, and ironically, Denny Logan (Bulger), captured after 16 years on the run, could be the final piece to speed  the process.

It's Chip Werner's turn for justice.

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Limited Units are available to qualified investors.

For information contact:

Jim Amatulli or George Verkamp





















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